Halitosis -bad breath remedy

Chronic Halitosis

Chronic halitosis is a common problem. More than 50 million people suffer from chronic halitosis . Some people find that common halitosis remedies like mouthwashes and breath mints are enough to mask their chronic halitosis. But for others, who want to address the causes of halitosis and find a halitosis cure, P.Rdental speciality centre halitosis treatments simply fall short.

Leading Halitosis Causes

90% of people with chronic halitosis suffer from excessive build up of certain halitosis causing bacteria on the back of the tongue. People with chronic halitosis have large amounts of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) produced from the breakdown of proteins by bacteria in the mouth. As one of the leading halitosis causes, these VSCs are responsible for the offensive breath odors that define halitosis.

Diagnosing Chronic Halitosis

Not all sufferers of chronic halitosis are aware of their condition. Though awkward, one of the best ways to tell if you have halitosis is to ask a friend. Dentists are generally poorly informed about halitosis causes and halitosis treatment; however some dental offices now have equipment that can detect VSC levels in the breath.

Common Halitosis Treatment Options

Since chronic halitosis causes severe repercussions, suffers are anxious to find a halitosis cure. Halitosis treatment products have spurred a billion-dollar industry, but the most popular means of combating chronic halitosis – tooth brushes and mouthwash – do not solve the problem. Toothbrushes can’t reach the back of the tongue where the bacterial causes of halitosis reside; so although brushing plays an important role in oral hygiene, it is not a halitosis cure. Since mouthwashes only temporarily mask and do not eliminate the odor-causing bacteria, they too are not an effective chronic halitosis treatment.
Tongue scraping, together with proper oral hygiene is the most effective “common” treatment against the causes of halitosis. Yet, the underlying halitosis causes remain: VSCs that rebuild, continuing the cycle of chronic halitosis. A full mouth examination with rehabilitation by a specialist Periodontist in P.R Dental specialty centre offers permanent solution for your halitosis -bad breath